Free up your resources by outsourcing your IT Project Management

On-Site Technology exploits the latest technology available to automate & manage IT projects to maximize efficiency. Whether you are a startup company or a Fortune 500 powerhouse, leveraging our Virtual CIO services is right for you. From expanding an existing location to a new construction site, our IT Project Management planners have years experience making sure everything is done right the first time.

Not sure which one you need? Our experts are standing by.

Allow one of our experts to evaluate the best fit for your organization.

Full Time Project Planners

Why overwork your internal staff that will be plagued with consistent distractions which will prolong your projects, increase costs, & reduce ROI? Our full time IT Project Managers do everything for you. Discovery, planning, execution, & monitoring throughout the project lifecycle.

Seasoned Skill Sets

Our IT Project Managers breathe IT Projects day in and day out. Why would you trust your time & money on internal staff that has expertise in other areas? Allow us to do what we do best. Maximize efficiently, stretch budgets, & handle procurement.

Technology Automation

Another asset you will have at your disposal is our expertise in the latest in technology & automation. Our Project Managers will exploit technology to its full potential to reduce costs, automation mundane tasks, & increase your ROI by stretching the budget.


Do you have a future proof plan for your project? It’s better to think ahead into the future during IT Projects. Is your infrastrucutre on-premise only? Hybrid Cloud? or Full Cloud? Our IT Project Managers will factor these components into the strategic planning.

Change Management

Do you have a full proof plan in place for change management? Most project scopes change as often people change underwear, sometimes multiple times within a single day. On-Site Technology follows ITIL best practices to handle all scope changes by assigning an approval board for both parties so everyone is on the same page.

Procurement Management

On-Site Technology has over 15 years in Procurement Management to handle all technology purchase requirements throughout an IT Project Lifecycle. Set a budget and we will stretch it to acquire all your technology needs until the project is completed.

Vendor Management

Too busy to be dealing with all the parties involved during a project? Allow us to handle the vendor management, construction site GM, purchasing, shipping, receiving, resource acquisition, and we keep you in the loop at all times between parties.

Growth Management

One of the worst things that can happen is under specifying a job requirement. Our experts always keep the future in mind and think 1, 3, 5, and 10 years out for expansion. If we feel that the budget and technology do not align with your future expansion plans we will notify you immediately to plan a course correction.


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