Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Unmonitored Data Backups are a ticking time bomb for your business

Don’t get caught without a good data backup plan in place

Speak with a Backup Expert today 1-888-800-4644!

Sleep better at night knowing there’s extra copy of your data at all times.

Daily monitoring of backups alerting of issues or failures.

Backup management with periodic updates to the backup software.

Not have to worry about your data if there’s a catastrophe.

Ensure your organization stays up to date with latest compliance.

Ensure your organization stays in compliance throughout the year.

Detailed reporting indicating the security status of your network.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery



25% Percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster due to an inefficient data backup & disaster recovery plan.

Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and all at once.  This law can be applied to computer systems, networks, infrastructure, and even redundancy systems.

The Pareto principle – This principle surprisingly works across most IT systems.  20% of your most frequently used devices will acquire 80% of the network’s total malware infections.  80% of your total network data is generated by 20% of your employee’s.

Your data is the most valuable asset.  Applications are the core of your business operations that access that data.  When either of the two are compromised that can result in catastrophic consequences.

On-Site Technology’s Data Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions protects your applications and data around the clock.  Cloud computing & Virtualization technology allows snapshots of your entire infrastructure.  This allows us to get your servers back up and running within minutes instead of hours with traditional data only backups.

24×7 Backup Monitoring

Our 24×7 backup monitoring & management plans ensures your data is backed up correctly every day.  We run monthly or quarterly fire drills for data restoration to ensure the backup integrity is full proof.  On-Site Technology has partnered with the best Backup vendors in the industry to ensure 100% reliable backups.

Data Backup Disaster Recovery

Does your organization need more advanced backups? We provide the latest technology has to offer through complete bare metal & virtualized server imaging.  This means if one or all of your servers go down, we can automate the spin up of your cloned servers and have you back up and running within seconds instead of hours or days.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Does your organization run 24/7 and need hot server or hot site capabilities in case of a disaster?  On-Site Technology has a full portfolio of Cloud Backup & Server solutions at your disposal.  Allow our Cloud Experts to evaluate your needs and provide a comprehensive provisioning plan for your Backup needs.


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