Virtual Fire Training

Virtual Fire Training

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In the demanding realm of firefighting, instantaneous situational awareness is paramount. Firefighters must adeptly observe, interpret, respond, and communicate in emergency scenarios, leaving no room for delays or errors. To fortify their readiness for these high-pressure environments, immersive training becomes indispensable. Avrio specializes in virtual fire training, providing a comprehensive platform for firefighters to hone their observational, interpretative, and communicative skills. Our virtual exercises, including tabletop simulations, 360° size-ups, wildfire response scenarios, and multiple casualty incident drills, ensure a dynamic and effective preparation that minimizes response time and maximizes accuracy. Elevate your firefighting capabilities with Avrio’s cutting-edge virtual fire training solutions.

Multi-User Experiences

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Experience AI training at its pinnacle with Avrio, where our multiplayer system stands as the class leader in the industry. Unlike competitors confined to 4-6 participants, our platform supports tens to hundreds of simultaneous training participants, providing an unmatched scale for immersive learning. Analyzing fundamental instructional design needs, each participant assumes a role with fully customized information, mirroring real-world scenarios. Avrio takes pride in being device agnostic, enabling participants to seamlessly join via various platforms, including the class-leading Magic Leap headset, desktop computers, or tablets. Step into the future of AI training with the unrivaled capabilities of Avrio’s Magic Leap-powered system.

Full 3D 360 Field of View

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Step into the future of training with Avrio’s revolutionary virtual fire training system that leverages AR and AI technology, leaving traditional methods behind. Unlike flat projection screens and 2D images, our platform transforms learning with 3D virtual content seamlessly integrated into real-world spaces. This immersive experience enhances situational awareness and skill development, pushing the boundaries of traditional training. Avrio stands out by offering total immersion, where realistic digital content and lifelike interactions unfold, all while maintaining the collaborative dynamics between trainees who remain visible to each other in the physical world. Embrace the power of Avrio’s AR and AI technology for an unparalleled training journey.

Artificial Intelligence

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Experience a new era of virtual fire training with Avrio’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence. Our patent-pending AI doesn’t just simulate realistic interactions with digital characters—it goes a step further. By automatically customizing training exercises to match departmental needs and individual capabilities, Avrio’s AI stands at the forefront of personalized training. Through the collection and analysis of biometrics, performance metrics, and a myriad of contextual data sources, our system stands as the only one in the market capable of delivering hyper-personalized training at a scale previously unseen. Avail yourself of the future of first responder training with Avrio’s cutting-edge AI technology.

Fire Table Top Exercises

Emergency Response

Virtual Fire Training

You’ve got big decisions to make for your department with limited budgets. Save costs with reduced scheduling time today with this innovative virtual fire training platform.

Virtual Fire Training

Each travel pelican box includes everything needed for on site training exercises.

Any agency, any location with the first ever remote-capable live action drill training platform.

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