Managed Security Services

Why Managed Security Services?

On-Site Technology managed security services were born from the escalating security threats from the dark web.  Ransomware has become one of the most direct threats to a business’ existence.  As a result, endpoints throughout a network not only need advanced threat protection, but also need to be monitored for frivolous activity around the clock.

Businesses must also abide by security & compliance standards while protecting their valuable investments.  Our managed security services have been proven to detect, defend, and migitate 24×7 security threats from our security operations center.

Our managed security services combine firewall threat protection, advanced threat endpoint protection, and real time log analytics to our security operations center in the cloud.  Our staff uses the best in class SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) software to correlate all the data communications on your network to detect an attackers intentions.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

Multiple layers of managed security protecting your data 24/7

Intelligent Detection Systems warns of any attacks

Predictable monthly fixed rate to help your yearly budget.

Increased office productivity with less downtime.

Ensure your organization stays in compliance throughout the year.

Detailed reporting indicating the security status of your network.

24×7 Managed Security

Our 24×7 managed security service monitors your network around the clock & alerts when there is an instruction with high priority.  Event management & analysis of anti-virus, firewall, and systems log data to watch all attack vectors simultaneously watching for suspicious activity increases detection rates exponentially.

Data Encryption

Even the best managed security services in place cannot stop stolen devices or network intrusions from accessing your most critical data. Our encryption services help protect all of your stored data and any data in transit via email or document sharing.

Malware Protection

The best managed security services employ a multi-layered approach to help segregate various portions of your network from threats. On-Site Technology utilizes a multi-level approach with firewall, anti-virus, and advanced DNS filtering services to help against attacks compromising machines or data.

Compliance Management

All of our managed security services include PCI DSS, NIST, & SOX compliance. Streamline your recurring audits with our Compliance services to ensure you are covered year around. We provide network penetration testing and fine tune your network to ensure a balance of employee productivity & security.


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