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Business Intelligence Services

Most businesses are sitting on a mound of data that has accumulated over the years.  This data is fragmented usually between databases, excel spreadsheets, and online hosted services.  For just a few cents per day you can read all of that data in beautiful dashboards with easy to read charts.  Use the data you have accumulated to see sales trends, employee days off, shipping trends, and even eliminate time consuming reports.

Microsoft Power BI

Business Intelligence Features

Powered by Microsoft Power BI

Centralized Dashboard to see real time data
Real time analytics into your business to make better decisions.
Make reports a thing of the past with easy to read charts
Faster decision making & increased efficiency
Accessible from all of your computers, tablets, & smart phones.
Integration with your ERP & CRM Systems
Integration with Warehouse Management Systems
Custom development with 3rd party applications
Business Intelligence with Machine Learning & Actionable Data
Automate actions depending on the analytics data such as reorder inventory.

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