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On-Site Technology provides Cyber Insurance Readiness

Cyber Insurance Readiness


All businesses big or small dread those yearly checklist questionnaires in order to comply for cyber insurance renewals.  Take the guess work out of managing your cyber liability compliance requirements.  Don’t suffer a denied insurance claim as a result of a failed post-breach audit.

Cyber Insurance Readiness

Cyber Insurance Readiness Risks


Understanding the risks associated with cyber liability insurance can be daunting.  Tracking your security requirements can also be very time consuming. The rise in data breaches and ransomware attacks has put the insurance industry on notice.  This means more complex requirements that are more technical than ever before.  Insurance companies started hiring experts in IT and cybersecurity so they better understand the implications of internal business networks.  As a result, in the event of a breach, the insurance company will require they perform an audit of your IT security policies, compliance evidence, and documented procedures to find any reason to deny the claim.

Will your cyber insurance claim be approved?


As a business owner or manager, the last thing you want to deal with during a breach is to battle with the insurance company over a rejected claim.  Depending on your organizational structure, Owners, IT managers, CFO’s, CTO’s, CIO’s, and even office managers could be in the hot seat in case of a breach.  Our Cyber insurance readiness platform not only prepares your organization for the audit but also helps keep up with it on an ongoing basis.  The purpose of our service is to reduce the need of a claim in the first place by implementing, enforcing, and monitoring policies.  Furthermore, if a breach does occur, our portal has all the compliance evidence organized to fast track any security audits needed for claims.

Meet the requirements with our Cyber Insurance Readiness service


Our cyber risk insurance readiness platform is designed in helping organizations meet the IT and security requirements for the most common cyber insurance policies.

Does your organization perform periodic cybersecurity checks or risk assessments?

Do you have a documented patch management policy?

Do you have a documented disaster recovery and business continuity plan?

Do you have an incident response plan?

Are you periodically reviewing privacy and security policies?

Are employee's allowed to use their own devices? Is corporate data centrally managed on those devices?

Managing your checklist is easier with our portal


There are too many to list here but the full list is available with our cyber insurance readiness service.

Is your organization using behavior-based antivirus software on all machines?

Are your employee's undergoing periodic cyber awareness training?

Can employee's openly install their own software?

Are employee's using a password manager to manage their passwords?

Are you backing up all security logs from computers, firewalls, and servers?

Has your organization experienced a data breach in the past?

Coverage Limitations


Cyber liability insurance policies may include exclusions or limitations on the types of losses or damages covered, as well as the amount of coverage provided.

Premiums and deductibles


The cost of cyber liability insurance premiums and deductibles can be expensive, especially for small businesses with limited budgets.

Inadequate coverage


Some cyber liability insurance policies may not cover all types of cyber threats or may not provide sufficient coverage for certain types of losses or damages.

Insufficient risk assessment


Companies that do not conduct thorough risk assessments may not have a clear understanding of their specific cyber risks, which can lead to purchasing inadequate coverage or purchasing coverage that is unrelated to the actual risks.

Complex claims process


Cyber liability insurance claims can be complex and require detailed documentation, which can be time-consuming and challenging for businesses.

Reputation damage


Even if a business has cyber liability insurance coverage, a cyber attack can still result in significant reputational damage that is not covered by the policy.


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