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What’s the difference between Microsoft 365 & Office 365?


Microsoft 365 includes many feature’s that that do not natively come with Office 365 subscriptions, such as:

Microsoft Sentinel includes SIEM & XDR features

Microsoft Endpoint Manager included formerly known as Microsoft Intune

SSO (Single Sign-On) & Conditional access options

Microsoft 365 Defender comes with many subscriptions options which adds an additional layer of security

Privileged Identity Management & Identity Protection features

Windows Autopilot greatly reducing deployment times

Additional Security & Compliance features that Office 365 does not offer

On-Site Technology other services supplementing Microsoft 365:
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft Office 365 Services

Take your business to the next level by building on the success of Office 365.   Why are there brakes on a car? To go faster of course.  These new feature sets adds many levels of controls with built in automation to ensure your business is able to stop on a dime and pivot while staying in compliance.


If your organization regularly goes through audits for compliances, Microsoft 365 has an abundance of tools to help streamline audits, reduce costs, increase security, and provides a managed Microsoft 365 device management platform that reduces administration costs.


Don’t have PC’s with Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 Pro? No problem.  Most Managed Microsoft 365 plans come with a Windows 10 or 11 Enterprise license.  This feature automatically upgrades the end users PC to allow the cloud group policy to reflect on the user’s machine. This includes BYOD that only protects the corporate data while leaving their personal information alone.

10-year Audit Log Retention

Compliance options for eDiscovery, Auditing, and Legal hold / export for litigation.  Never get caught off guard again when your legal team requests audit reports from internal data usage.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Need your workforce to be more flexible? Azure cloud desktops have the ability of deploying a desktop in the cloud so you can take all your data and applications where ever you go.  All accessible from a web browser you can remote into your cloud PC.

Data Loss

Automatically tag, index, and categorize all files across your entire workforce. Furthermore, track sensitive information including users with BYOD & corporate devices.  Leverage machine learning with automated retention policies.


Quickly and easily encapsulate data across your entire organization with proper policy governance.  Automate reporting of data leaks with accountability with automated audit trails to ensure your risk management never misses a beat.



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