On-Site Technology is an IT Service Provider that maximizes the value of your business assets.



Penetration testing services involve assessing the security of a computer network by simulating cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, helping organizations strengthen their defenses against potential breaches.



As your one stop IT service provider, we encompass of proactive solutions to enhance and streamline an organizations IT infrastructure. From cybersecurity to data management, monitoring, and project management to VoIP services, we do it all.



On-Site Technology has decades of combined experience with IT Projects. From moving an office to entire warehouses, we cover everything for you including procurement, installation, & configuration.



NEW! We now offer cybersecurity compliance services for all of your cyber insurance & regulatory standard needs.  From Cyber insurance readiness to NIST 800-171, CMMC, PCI, & HIPAA.



Managed security services includes a multi-layer approach with anti-virus, firewall, DNS filtering, & 24×7 monitoring for attacks. Combat malware & ransomware today with this great package to protect your business.



Disaster recovery & business continuity services.  Your business needs to recover quickly from a crash or outage.  But also needs to be able to operate while those systems are being brought back online.



The human firewall is the best firewall for an organization. Make sure your employee’s have cyber awareness training to reduce breaches and insurance costs.



Cloud based VoIP phone system for your business.  24×7 support, no contracts, free basic phones and a free upgrade every 36 months! Integrates with Office 365 for direct dialing.

Microsoft 365 Services


On-Site Technology can take your organization to the next level with Microsoft 365 on steroids. Introducing Microsoft 365 with additional security & compliance features.

On-Site Technology News & Events

Listen to the news? Read the internet? You know cyber crime is a very big business. Hackers and criminals are out there doing all sorts of nefarious things. Most generally, you hear that malware is some kind of virus that attacks your software programs, infects......

You have client or customer data in your possession. It is part of running your business in a digital marketplace. If that data is breached, it could permanently damage your reputation. We talked in an earlier blog about types of malware. There are many steps......

So what happens when you get software that has been mixed with a strong dose of malicious intent? You get malware, the term used to describe all manner of software invasion that has been designed to do bad things to your computers, networks and digital......

Here are three infrastructure tools that you should consider to protect your business. Uninterruptible power supplies In the event of a power outage, will you lose data access? UPS systems are available to help keep your business operational in the event of a power outage.......

Looking for a few ways to quickly protect your data and IT infrastructure from cybercriminals? Here are two great places to start. The first is so obvious that almost everyone overlooks it, especially in smaller companies where there is little time for proactive training on......

Like most small business owners, unless you hit the lottery and started capitalizing your business all by yourself, you probably have some key shareholders who serve on your Board of Directors. You may also be finding that they are increasingly concerned about strategies to assess......

If you started your small business with an inheritance, great news! Congratulations. But most likely you have a board of directors; initial investors whose focus is on the long term success of the company, on strategies for future growth and protection of their investment. Part......

We’ve been talking about how your Board and shareholders have a vested interest in understanding and overseeing how your company will defend itself against the effects of cybercrime. Here are two more areas where you will need to have plans and your board should be......

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