Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Managed Cloud Services in the Era of Cloud Computing

On-Site Technology provides the latest in managed cloud infrastructure technologies. Whether you are a startup company or a Fortune 500 powerhouse, leveraging the cloud saves you time and money. From running a single server or move your entire organization’s infrastructure into the cloud, there is a plan that’s right for your organization.


Allow one of our experts to evaluate the best fit for your organization.
Simplify Maintenance

Virtual machines hosted in the cloud that your employee’s can remote into to streamline application control, mitigate security risks, and lower deployment time to all users.

Cloud Servers

Eliminate CapEx from purchasing servers and use the tax benefits of OpEx with servers hosted in the cloud. Secured connections from your network to the cloud is simple & cost effective.

Database as a Service

Remote virtually all infrastructure maintenance related with SQL Database, which provides automate software patching as part of the service. Scalable to thousands of databases with predictable performance you can dial up or down.

Public/Private Networks

Need options? Host your entire infrastructure in the cloud or have a hybrid of both in cloud and on premise systems. Our cloud services can cater to your organizations every need. Secure your connections with IPSec VPN.

Amazon AWS Management

Allow us to plan, build, deploy, & manage your AWS infrastructure.  Cloud analytics & performance monitoring is key to ensure smooth cloud operations.  Automation of instance provisioning & disaster recovery minimize downtime while fast tracking deployments.

Azure Management

On-Site Technology is a Microsoft preferred partner which allows a tighter integration with Azure services. Planning, building, deployment, & management is streamlined with Managed Services to ensure cost savings for any cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

Co-Location Management

Allow On-Site Technology to manage your colocation infrastructure. Our many years of expertise has saved businesses countless dollars with automation & monitoring services for CoLo infrastructures.

Private Cloud Management

Need more security or compliance? Our private cloud management services allows you to align your executive visions with strategic planning initiatives to achieve goals faster while reducing cost.


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