Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Get back to business fast! Easily restore lost files, entire systems, or run from our secure cloud

Protect from ransomware

Quickly restore the business to a moment before the attack

Peace of mind

Focus on growing your business while we protect your systems from disaster

Business Resiliency

If your systems go gown, we’ll quickly have your business up and running from our secure cloud

Sleep better at night knowing there’s extra copy of your data at all times.

Daily monitoring of backups alerting of issues or failures.

Backup management with periodic updates to the backup software.

Not have to worry about your data if there’s a catastrophe.


Small and medium businesses are increasingly being targeted by ransomware attacks which can cripple your business or worse. With our total data protection, you can continue business operations by turning back the clock to before the ransomware attack. Protect your business with:

  • Ransomware Detection – we scan every backup for ransomware to make sure they will work and are free from ransomware
  • Better Backups – our image-based backups are more resilient to ransomware. Even if ransomware hits your systems, the rest of your backup chain will not be infected.
  • Fast Rollbacks – if you’re hit with ransomware there, is no need to panic. We can easily roll your systems back to before the ransomware attack occurs


Disasters can take many forms:

  • Failures of hardware, software, systems, or data centers
  • Business-halting natural disasters
  • Unintentional human error or malicious insiders
  • Ransomware attacks

Even if your systems go down completely, we can spin up virtual servers in our secure cloud to keep your business running.


Whether it’s a single file or a critical system, our secure backups and range of restore tools are optimized to get you back to business quickly. We have the tools to get you back up no matter the scenario:

  • Restore single files or folders
  • Point-in-time rollback to quickly recover from Ransomware
  • Fast, full system restore to the same or new hardware


Fully-featured BCDR for
complex use cases

Datto Sirius Backup Appliance with Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

SIRIS offers data backup, recovery, and business continuity for local, virtual, and cloud environments, within a single platform


All-In-One Business Continuity

Backup, restore, or virtualize on the device or in our secure cloud.

Reliable Backups

Backups are resilient to ransomware and scanned to make sure the data, apps, and services will work in your time of need.

Virtualize and restore from anywhere

SIRIS gives you the power to restore or run your business from the local appliance or from the secure cloud.


Simple BCDR for
small businesses

Datto Alto Appliance

Simple BCDR designed specifically for small businesses that need enterprise-grade functionality.

Deployed as a low-profile physical appliance, ALTO provides the business continuity features, tools, and management capabilities to get up and running fast:

Cost-effective Total Data Protection

Simple and easy to deploy for SMBs with more basic IT needs. Granular data recovery from multiple points in time with cloud virtualization.

Backup and Restore

Protects both physical and virtual infrastructure in a unified console

Easy to install and quick to restore

A plug and play appliance that is literally up and running in minutes


Smart and scable Network
Attached Storage (NAS)

Datto NAS Appliance

A smart, scalable network attached storage platform, centrally managed and protected by the secure Datto cloud

Easily implement and use as a common location for sharing files or backup target. Simply plug it into the network, quickly configure, and all of the data is readily available locally, backed up to the Cloud, and quickly recoverable in a disaster scenario. Features include:

Network Addressable Storage

Enable secure file sync and share for large datastores and collaborate across multiple protocols.

Local Fault Tolerance

Store everything in one place and get automated cloud redundancy.

Cloud backup storage and recovery

Recover entire machines or specific files quickly and easily to safeguard from ransomware or errant users.

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