Collection and parsing of event logs and device information from your network.

Automated application of correlation rules in our advanced, cloud-based SIEM infrastructure

Human “eyes on” scrutiny to every event identified by our 24/7 cyber threat detection engine to eliminate false positives

Expert, detailed analysis of security alerts from our fully staffed Security Operations Center (SOC)

Mitigation and remediation guidance by our Advanced Security Engineers (ASE)

Access to reporting and monitoring status via an exclusive portal

Discovery & Insights Collection
Cloud-Based Data Correlation
Cyber Threat Detection
Expert Threat Analysis
Guidance & Remediation Response
User Security Training & Compliance


All quotes for advanced threat intelligence are no-obligation!

Why Today’s Cyber Security Strategy May Not Be Enough

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Growth of CyberCrime

The growth in attack volume on the SMB has grown exponentially because it’s easy. SMBs (and some public sector entities as well) tend to be well behind the security curve, making the organization an easy target of cybercrime.

The Target of CyberCrime

The real target of cyber-crime is the SMB! In 2014, 60% of all known successful attacks where against small and medium businesses. And of those that were breached, 60% went out of business within 6 months.

The Number of Security Solutions

While firewalls, IDS/IPS, AV, etc., are critical, improper configuration and management of these tools often create more risk. Many companies might not have the resources or expertise to know what to do if those tools alert them of a problem.

The Lack of Expertise

The most effective way to listen to these devices is to observe their every action and their communication patterns. Because these actions and “event logs” occur several times per second, many companies turn to a Security Information and Event Management tool (SIEM) to help make sense of the vast amount of machine data being generated.

The Lack of Resources

Security products, to be effective, must be monitored and maintained 24/7 so that threats are detected and responded to immediately. Not an easy task for the typical SMB company that cannot afford around-the-clock security experts. Cisco agreed that “the worldwide shortage of information security professionals is at 1 million openings, even as cyber attacks and data breaches increase each year”.


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