Your nonprofit organization is a vital component for the development of your community. A faulty IT system can hinder productivity, strain your revenue, and limit your ability to give back to your community. On-site technology is prepared to assist you by ensuring that your system is secure and functional so that you can focus on more pressing aspects of your work. Don’t let a defective IT system limit your ability to contribute to your community!


What We Do

Manage & Monitor your IT Infrastructure’s equipment 24/7 with alerts
Proactively monitor vital network equipment 24/7 with alerts
Implement automated self-healing technology for most common issues
Manage & Monitor Backups for all of your vital data
Manage & Monitor your email systems with our advanced data centers
Provide best in class customer support for your users
Provide Help Desk 24×7 or 8×5 where applicable
Be your Trusted Advisor for any IT Infrastructure changes and moves
Manage Procurement while seeking best nonprofit pricing

Optional Services

Cloud Desktops – Secure, affordable, cloud hosted desktops provides worry free alternative for your users to minimize downtime to existing servers
Advanced Email Features – Managed Compliance features with Archiving, Encryption, Policy Management, and Mail Bagging(Store & Forward) Technology
Encryption Services for your entire network to help reduce the potential of stolen data
Advanced Managed Security – 24/7 Managed Security & Alerting of severe threats to your IT infrastructure and data.

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