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Employee Activity Monitoring Software

The rise of the remote workforce has brought increased focus on the need to monitor output and ensure productivity amongst a dispersed workforce.



  • Working Hours Reported
  • Identify areas that time / resources are being lost / consumed
  • Process Improvement / Business Alignment / Focus


Application Usage & Alignment


  • Shadow IT – Security Concerns Addressed
  • Time spent in each percentage of time with relative important of applications
  • Identify unclassified & new applications for review & approval




  • File transfer risks (Cloud, USB, Memory cards, etc.)
  • View alarms triggered by users with predefined thresholds
  • Verify those agents that are reporting in
  • Screenshots to confirm user behavior & productivity


Collaboration & Knowledge Management


  • Understand usage trends between messaging, email, & collaboration tools.
  • Analyze common search activity, terms, and trends for reporting.

Employee Monitoring Top Application Usage

Employee Activity Monitoring Top Apps
Employee Activity Monitoring Software

Our Employee Activity Monitoring Software is packed with features:

Under productivity duration's & trends for remote + In-office employees

Compare productive vs unproductive timelines

Compare productive vs idle time to uncover gaps in productivity

Identify workload utilization to uncover overworked employees

Leverage data insights for teams & workflow optimization

Learn which line of business applications restrict workflows

Compare productivity levels between departments to uncover bottlenecks

Uncover frequently used unproductive websites/apps to set usage limits

Create refined remote policies to measure & manage on-going improvements

Leverage the risk scores to learn which users are disengaged or underutilized

Expose cybersecurity risks with open perimeter devices

Navigate employee burnout from work/life balance struggles

Detect compliance & security gaps due to offsite access

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