Microsoft 365 service & price changes March 2022

Microsoft has announced worldwide changes to the commercial Microsoft 365 and Office 365 product services.  Price increases on 6 SKUs will start on March 1st, 2022 as well as additional changes on how you purchase other licenses.

Education, Non-profit, and Government services are not affected at this time.

The following commercial 365 services will have a 15% price increase on the annual subscriptions and an additional 20% price increase for monthly subscriptions.  This is effectively a 35% price increase if staying on monthly subscriptions for the following SKUs:

  • Enterprise SKU’s: Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3, Office 365 E5, Microsoft 365 E3
  • SMB SKU’s: Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Please note this price change does impact all public sector customers, worldwide.

Microsoft is currently offering a 3% discount if you choose to convert any of these SKUs to a prepaid annual plan before March 1st, 2022.

The following commercial product SKUs will convert from being monthly subscriptions to annual only starting on July 1st:

10-Year Audit Log Retention Add On
Advanced Communications
Advanced eDiscovery Storage
Azure Active Directory Premium P1
Azure Active Directory Premium P2
Azure Information Protection Premium P1
Business Apps (free)
Common Area Phone
Compliance Manager Premium Assessment Add-On
Dynamics 365 Field Service Device
Enterprise Mobility + Security E3
Exchange Online (Plan 1)
Exchange Online (Plan 2)
Exchange Online Archiving for Exchange Online
Exchange Online Archiving for Exchange Server
Exchange Online Kiosk
Exchange Online Protection
Extended Dial-out Minutes to USA/CAN
Extra Graph Connector Capacity
Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing
Microsoft 365 Business Voice (US)
Microsoft 365 Business Voice (without Calling Plan) for US
Microsoft 365 Domestic and International Calling Plan
Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling Plan
Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance
Microsoft 365 E5 eDiscovery and Audit
Microsoft 365 E5 Information Protection and Governance
Microsoft 365 E5 Insider Risk Management
Microsoft 365 E5 Security
Microsoft 365 F5 Compliance Add-on
Microsoft 365 F5 Security + Compliance Add-on
Microsoft 365 F5 Security Add-on
Microsoft 365 International Calling Plan for SMB
Microsoft Cloud App Security
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Server
Microsoft Defender for Identity
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (Plan 1)
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (Plan 2)
Microsoft Intune Device
Microsoft Stream Plan 2 for Office 365 Add-On
Microsoft Stream Storage Add-On (500 GB)
Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard
Microsoft Viva Topics
Office 365 Data Loss Prevention
Office 365 Extra File Storage
OneDrive for business (Plan 1)
OneDrive for business (Plan 2)
Project Online Essentials
Project Plan 5
SharePoint (Plan 1)
SharePoint (Plan 2)
SharePoint Syntex
Skype for Business Plus CAL
Teams Rooms Premium (USA/CAN)
Universal Print Additional Capacity (10k) – Windows
Universal Print Additional Capacity 10K
Universal Print volume add-on (500 jobs) – Microsoft 365
Universal Print volume add-on (500 jobs) – Windows
Windows 10/11 Enterprise E5

The newly converted and any new purchased 365 annual licenses can be upgraded at any time, however, they cannot be downgraded.  Refunds for early cancellations on prepaid annual subscriptions are only within the first 72 hours of service purchase or auto renewal dates.  You can reassign annual prepaid subscriptions to other users at anytime.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or need clarification on how these changes will affect your organization.

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