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Don’t let your company become another statistic in a data breach.


Risk Intelligence Assessment Services

What is the real world dollar amount associated with a data breach?  On-Site Technology has quantified this formula into a proven Risk Intelligence service for your organization.  This service scans all your systems and correlates a dollar value for the following sensitive data on your systems:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • ACH Account Information
  • Drivers Licenses
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Date of Birth Information

Locate every piece of sensitive data across your network & workstations

Sensitive data sitting on systems poses a great risk to companies.  Even H&R departments can have sensitive data about your own employee’s unencrypted and wide open for the taking.  Our Risk Intelligence service sniffs out the locations of the sensitive data and generates a dollar amount for each violation found.  This dollar amount is the Total Potential Liability if a data breach occurs on your network.


Dramatically reduce the risk of multiple sources of attacks

Do you have multiple locations? Satellite offices? You may have multiple attack vectors for an attacker to find vulnerabilities.  Moving beyond just data sensitivity, our Risk Intelligence service can point out these vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach.  Regardless whether your biggest risks come from an email or malicious web downloads, our Risk Intelligence can help you tighten your security everywhere you need it.

PCI Compliance & Credit Card Risks

Sensitive data at rest on company systems poses a great risk.  Often, companies store large amounts of sensitive data to help automate processing of this information.  This unencrypted at rest data is the most vulnerable and potentially devastating when a breach occurs.  Credit Cards are one of the most valuable consumer information on the black market.  Malicious users can buy & sell blocks of stolen credit card data for top dollar on dark web sites.  Don’t let your company be the next statistic in one of these popular schemes.



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