Managed Security Services Overview

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) provides expert security consulting & solutions for your network.  This service is an extension of existing IT operations providing an 24×7 Security Operation Center for real-time detection & analysis.  As a leader in cyber security, we deliver advanced data analytics and security insights with our Advanced Threat Protection solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our Managed Security Services gathers all the traffic on your network, endpoints, servers, wireless, email, databases, and cloud services into an advanced threat intelligence matrix in our 24×7 Security Operations Center.  Security experts then perform analysis on anything our system flags as a potential threat for remediation.

All quotes for cyber-threat monitoring are no-obligation!

Risk Intelligence & Compliance Services

Executive management knows never to store sensitive data on your own machine unencrypted.  But they seldom check to see if their employee’s are following procedure.  Our Risk Intelligence service scans all machines on the network & finds any unencrypted sensitive data.  Our system then ties a dollar amount to each found record and gives a report of your total risk assessmentif you were to ever have a data breach.

Data Encryption Services

Data theft can be done in 2 ways.  The first is while in transit, this includes data being sent via webpage, email, chat message, and even over public Wifi networks.  The 2nd is while at rest, this means while the data is sitting on a server or PC, someone can copy remotely or steal the physical machine.  It is important to encrypt your data while both in transit and while at rest to ensure any unauthorized copy of your data cannot be read.

Two Factor Authentication Services

Our best-in-class two factor authentication service seamlessly integrates with your network and servers.  An easy-to-use app is installed on your employee’s smartphones with a quick Approve/Decline button whenever their user account attempts to login to any resource for the network.  This speeds up the need to be entering in the 6 digit number in addition to users remembering their passwords.

User Security Training Services

Most security breaches are from user error.  Even with the best security system in the world, as with any system, the fault lies with the weakest link.  If your users are not properly trained on how to spot differences between a phishing email and a legitimate email, then they may be the cause of your next security breach.

Security Policy Compliance Services

User credentials are the MOST exploited security problem facing businesses today.  The need for strict password policies as well as comprehensive BYOD policies for employee’s is paramount to reduce risk while maintaining functional technology for users to get their work done.

IT Security Assessment Services

Are you already doing everything you possibly can for security on your network? Do you think your existing IT solution can pass a security audit? Let’s find out! Contact us for a no obligation IT Assessment audit estimate.  More than 90% of our audits we uncover possible security violations that could be your next data breach.


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