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Managed IT Solutions

Managed IT Services & Solutions

Worry free managed IT services for your organization. This includes 24/7 monitoring and remediation.

Managed Cloud Apps


We provide the best in hosted applications for your organization including email, database, file storage, and dedicated servers.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Backup Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

On-Site Technology provides the latest in managed cloud infrastructure technologies. Whether you are a startup company or a Fortune 500 powerhouse, leveraging the cloud saves you time and money.

Managed Security Solutions

Managed IT Security Services & Solutions

Worry free managed security solutions for your data and network. Proper security protocols implemented to ensure your data is safe and your organization complies with the latest compliance’s.

Backup Solutions


Your data is your most valuable asset. Our Backup & Continuity Solutions ensure’s that you always have a backup just in case catastrophe strikes.