On-Site Technology has worked with various government agencies over the years including Police, Fire, Hazmat, OEM, State, Judicial, & Local municipalities.  IT should be supporting your agency’s mission, not imede it.  We understand at times your IT staff could be overwhelmed supporting daily operations.  Allow us to assist with your agency IT needs by:


Relieve your internal IT staff with help desk or project assistance

Reduce IT costs and avoid costly surprises

Improve service delivery while minimizing risk

Implement industry best practices

Focus on your agency’s mission

Offload Data Center operations

Consolidate infrastructure equipment

Empower a more mobile workforce with anywhere device access

Manage security & data policy’s 24/7

Monitor & manage your IT infrastructure 24/7

Quickly deploy & manage cloud virtual machines

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Implement hot-site recovery to greatly reduce downtime

Encryption implementation & management agency wide

On-Site Technology takes Cyber Security seriously.  The internet landscape is very different today than it was just a few years ago.  Some experts believe the next world war may very well be won without a single bomb dropped or troop deployed.  When all systems making up a country’s infrastructure are connected in countless networks, then the threat landscape can be enticing to cyber criminals and terrorists.  Machine learning and artificial intelligence has been gaining a lot of ground recently, especially with cloud services.  This technology can assist cyber criminals & terrorists alike to automate malware infections, broaden attack vectors, and tremendously speed up intelligence gathering.


On-Site Technology provides the following Managed Security Services:

Layered Security approach between all devices

Firewall Security Management & 24/7 Monitoring

Antivirus Security Management & 24/7 Monitoring

Advanced Web Filtering Services

SIEM & Machine Learning capabilities to monitor attack vectors 24/7

Network segmentation to separate your most vital data

Frequent Security audits to ensure best practices are followed

On-Site Technology has upcoming Datacenter enhancements 2016-2018:

Cloud Services with DoD compliance & security specifications

Datacenters with FedRAMP accreditation

DISA Impact Level 4 for controlled unclassified information(CUI)

Two new physically isolated Datacenters for DoD & DISA Impact Level 5

When it comes to government cyber security, it’s important that organizations take the most proactive and beneficial steps to ensure that all sensitive data is secured and safe from breaches. Malicious attacks can take an average of 256 days to identify while data breaches caused by human error take an average of 158 days to identify. On-Site Technology aids government agencies in saving them valuable time by detecting faulty IT systems before it is too late, which in turn saves them money!


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